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Maria Hansen

Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Maria Hansen

Maria Hansen is suitably qualified and experienced to provide services in mediation and workplace investigations.

She is on the AMINZ panel of mediators and organises network meetings for Canterbury members.

Feedback from clients

It is unfortunate we did not get a resolution. However, in saying that, I cannot speak highly enough of Maria’s support, her warmth and compassion, and her absolute professionalism.
Employee - 2019

Maria really helped our family with a difficult and lengthy disagreement we had with our school. Maria displayed a great balance between empathy and professionalism in her role. Maria went above and beyond to achieve an outcome that all parties were happy with which is something we thought was impossible before mediation. Maria also took the time to follow up, in her own time, with us post mediation to make sure that the agreement was being progressed. We would recommend Maria to anyone looking at mediation to resolve their dispute.
Family - 2018

Maria was bought into our workplace during a very stressful time. For the first time I felt I was listened to, and got to have my say. I found her to be a fair, straight to the point and caring person with a natural talent for the work she does. Maria bought an objective view to the problem and recommended a course of action to our employer, which was taken up. Without her professional expertise this would not have happened. I am extremely grateful to her.
Employee - 2017

Maria’s skills were an excellent match for our community organisation when we needed a mediator. She has a gentle touch and a very good understanding of how people work together. We were particularly impressed with her timely reminder to us that we all have our quirks and issues and that we should strive to get on well together in the workplace and in life. Such good advice and easy to forget in the heat of the moment. Maria is a skilled mediator, patient and kind. We felt lucky to have found her.
Board President - 2016

  • BA (English)
  • GDipBusStuds (Dispute Resolution)
  • Advanced LEADR mediation training
  • Contract, Consumer and Employment law
  • Trained as a barrier-free auditor (Accessible Buildings)





Maria Hansen is an experienced investigator and mediator.

Investigative work:

Maria has conducted several hundred investigations into conduct in the workplace, such as allegations of unfair treatment, discrimination, bullying, and harassment.

Maria is accomplished at formulating questions to elicit the necessary information. She is adept at analysing evidence and applying the relevant law.

When employers receive a complaint or personal grievance they are required to investigate. Some employers may have the resources to do this competently. There are however advantages in engaging a specialist independent investigator like Maria, who has a high level of expertise in the investigation process, applying the relevant employment law and in dealing with distressed individuals. Engaging an independent can free up the employer’s time and resources, remove any perception of bias and ensure a fair and thorough process.

Mediation work:

Maria has mediated over 500 mediations in a range of industries, including business, government, local bodies, sport, education and the not for profit sector.

She was one of a small group of Canterbury mediators involved in the residential advisory service with insurance companies, and the EQC mediation service.

In employment situations, there can be considerable financial cost through absenteeism, disharmony, employees making mistakes, and eventually people leaving and taking legal action.

Mediation can be a quick and a very cost effective way to bring an end to a dispute. It can bring relief for people who have been involved in a dispute for some time, re-establishing communication and restoring healthy relationships.

When contacted by a party involved in a dispute, Maria initially meets all the people involved individually to ensure they understand the mediation process, and to find out their respective needs and concerns.

Mediation should occur in a safe and controlled environment where people can talk honestly and safely about their issues


Mediation: Maria offers an initial consultation meeting free of charge, with no obligation. Thereafter the fee for mediation work is $250.00 per hour + GST., plus any necessary expenses at cost.

Investigation: Initial consultation is offered free of charge, with no obligation. The fee for investigation work is $200.00 per hour + GST, plus any necessary expenses at cost.

Fees for work in the not for profit sector are reduced.

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