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Do you have a conflict or a dispute?

At your work
With a neighbour
At school
In the family
With your local council
With your rights as a citizen
With another business

With your house building contract
In your property deal
With a contract
On the farm
In your sharemilking contract
With your resource consent
Any other matter

If so we can help you

We are a group of qualified and experienced Dispute Resolution Professionals with expertise resolving disputes in a range of areas.

As members of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ) we are required to meet stringent professional standards. This gives to you a level of confidence in the quality and integrity of our work and in the respect that we will show to you.

The services that we provide include advocacy, investigation and reporting, facilitation, mediation, conciliation, adjudication, arbitration, training and coaching.

If you are looking for a qualified negotiator, mediator, facilitator, adjudicator or arbitrator we can help you

We are all based in and around Christchurch and we provide services well beyond this base when requested.

This website provides:

- a services page that addresses conflict management generally and describes specific dispute resolution processes.

- individual pages with further details about each of us and our areas of expertise

- a page that enables you to Contact Us

If you simply want to make quick contact without studying any further detail send an email to info@endispute.co.nz.


Paul Biddington

Paul’s background experience is in real estate, commercial partnerships, building construction, building and property, contracts and leases, community affairs, and community issues.  For more about Paul and to contact him go to Paul Biddington

Maria Hansen

Maria’s has over 20 years’ experience in investigation and mediation across a wide range of industries, institutions and community situations, with substantial involvement in human rights issues.  This work has also encompassed employment, tenancy and customer service situations.  For more about Maria and to contact her go to Maria Hansen

Gay Pavelka

Gay has been mediating disputes since 1984.  Her work includes facilitating the resolution of resource management issues, conflicts within organisations, conflicts between organisations, and family businesses throughout New Zealand.  She regularly provides in-house training and runs open courses in negotiation, facilitation and general conflict resolution skills.  For more about Gay and to contact her go to Gay Pavelka
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